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The gang is her family now…

Lauren Ortega has served the Iron Prophets faithfully for years, but when her boyfriend pushes her to take part in a major drug smuggling job, she knows it’s finally time to get out. With the help of a childhood friend in law enforcement, she meets a man who offers her a chance at freedom–but walking away from her past is not going to be easy.

For security professional Reilly Forge, there is no gray area when it comes to right and wrong. Risking an undercover informant’s life for the greater good is just part of the job. But when he meets Lauren, he realizes that the line between criminal and victim isn’t always as clear as he once thought.

As deadly enemies close in on all sides, can Reilly protect the troubled woman who has shattered his assumptions and stolen his heart?

Serve. Protect. Redeem.
Each book in the Forge Brothers Security romantic suspense series can be read as a standalone. Forged in Darkness is a complete, novella-length story, with a happy ever after and no cliffhangers.